"La Quinta" translated meaning, "Country House" enjoys an elevated position of 689 metres above sea level, and with virtually uninterrupted 360 degree views of the breathtaking scenery as far as the eye can see.

Chris and Susi Rawlings offer a welcome and
hospitality that you would usually expect
when visiting friends or family.

The region has an average of 325 days of sunshine throughout the year, with the average daytime temperature being 22 degrees C (72 F). Even in January, the coldest month has an average temperature of 16 degrees C (61 F).

This may seem an impossible dream, but La Quinta can offer this to you, in comfort and style for as long as you wish!
The beauty, culture and climate of Spain await you and so do we.

Northwards - the view elevates to the Sierra de Tejeda and Sierra Almijara mountain ranges with the dominant peak of La Maroma watching over them at a height of 2068 metres with the tips snow covered in Winter.

Southwards - we see the ever-changing blue of the Mediterranean, peeking through the folds in the hills as they roll down the valleys below, on their way to the coast, only 20km away.

To the East - lies our small charming and historical village, Sedella, with a population of 542. It is a typical Moorish village, with examples of Mudejar architecture, with narrow winding streets that carry the stamp of it's Moorish past. The history of Sedella goes back to pre-historic times, and although no big archaeological finds have been made, there is sufficient evidence to show that people have lived here from time immemorial.

Off to the West - the view is of rolling hillsides and valleys, over which, birds of prey can often be seen enjoying soar and search exercises in the thermals. Distant white villages can be seen, nestling in the countours of the countryside, which turn into twinkling triangles of lights when night falls.

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